Portfolio Summary

Author: Stephanie Mae Krysslynne N. Sor

Section: 4-Electron

Subject Teacher: Sir Frederick Talaue/Dr. Melanie Anne Cheng

Portfolio Summary:

This portfolio wasn’t exactly the most enjoyable thing ever, because we are in the middle of the “Hell Festival,” as seniors so fondly call it, but I had fun creating this portfolio all the same. This portfolio reminded me of a blog I used to have, so I had fun rediscovering the system and the templates. These portfolio entries also helped me learn more about biology and life in general, because I cannot make a synthesis paper without a thorough understanding of the underlying concepts, and that served as enough motivation for me.

I would definitely want more students to enrol in LifeSci next year, and I think that they would find my portfolio useful, if only to tell what not to do xD. They will also be able to see what kind of things one should see in a portfolio. I would also recommend to them to make a digital portfolio. It lasts longer and you can reproduce it as many times as you want.

If I were to submit one entry for the raduation portfolio, I would submit the one about Magikarp. That was definitely the best portfolio entry that we ever had, the amount of time spent on drawing Magikarp on Photoshop alone definitely tells you how much effort we put into perfecting that piece, not to mention sending it to Sir Talaue several times before making a final copy. 


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