1st Quarter Reflections

I learned that…

  1.) …evolution is a fact.

  2.) …humans really have a large impact on the shape of the world today.

  3.) …technology is a vital.

I learned that technology is vital because today, we are able to create new things, explore new horizons, and discover things that we haven’t even seen before because we did not have the technology to do so. In the film Galapagos: Beyond Darwin, we saw how vital modern technology was in acquiring the organisms that live at the bottom of the sea, a task deemed impossible back then due to the lack of appropriate technology


  1.) …is step by step. You can’t jump too far ahead.

  2.) …is continuous.

  3.) …is a cycle of applying what you’ve learned before to know more about something   new.

Learning is step by step. You can’t jump too far ahead. Learning is cumulative, and in order for a person to learn about complex things, one must first learn about the simple ones. For example, a person who does not even know how to add can’t dream of solving quadratic equations. A person has to master the basics first before you can get to a higher level. For example, we had to discuss what the definition of evolution is before we study the Hardy-Weinberg principle and learn what makes organisms not evolve.


2nd Quarter Reflections

1. Learning by Example

* learn by looking at one example and trying to make parallels with the one that you are doing

* an effective method, but tends to make people imitate a template

o reading other storybooks to learn how to make one

2. Learning through comprehension

*learn by “reading between the lines” and trying to get the hidden message

o watching Wall-E

3. Learning by direct input

* learn by getting the information from sources

* no hidden meanings, just raw facts and figures

o powerpoint presentations on Out of Africa and Multiregional models


3rd Quarter Reflections

The main learning method that i learned about in LifeSci this quarter is through direct presentation. This quarter, we watched the entire human sense series, and we had several powerpoint presentations on animal behavior. I think that this method of learning is very effective, because both our hearing and our visio are stimulated, and they form together in order to let us be able to understand more about the topic at hand.


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